How I Work

My Approach As A Psychologist

Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck as you struggle with anxiety, depression, panic or grief? Are you having trouble understanding why you can’t be happy or escape the cycle of negative emotions? You may suffer from painful or distressing symptoms, which can become debilitating when they aren’t managed appropriately. But the difficulties you are facing are treatable. With professional guidance and support, it is possible to find relief from anxiety, depression, panic attacks or grief.

Practical Resources, Skills & Tools

My goal as a psychologist is to empower you with the understanding and skills you need to manage your life. I provide practical resources and tools that have been studied and shown to reduce symptoms, increase coping skills and change unhealthy or limiting patterns of thought, emotion or behavior. In some cases clients may need longer-term or more intense therapy work whereas others benefit from brief therapy. Together we will tailor an approach to meet your goals and needs, and with my help, you can achieve your therapy goals and feel confident moving forward in your life.

At InnerPath Psychology, I offer supportive individual counselling for adults and evidence-based approaches to help you reach your personal and professional therapy goals. EMDR Therapy, one of the approaches I use, has been proven both effective and efficient in treating trauma and endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organization. More recently it has been utilized with anxiety, depression, panic and grief, helping to reduce symptom severity and improve current functioning. Another approach I may incorporate into treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), can help change unhelpful habits of thinking and behaving, reduce physical reactions and increase your ability to cope with potential triggers. CBT has been proven to help individuals overcome anxiety, depression, and panic as well as other concerns such as self-esteem, shame, guilt, anger, and sleep problems. With the right education, resources and practical tools, you can learn how to manage challenging symptoms and emotions and address your problem at its core.

Collaborative Counselling

I take a collaborative approach to our work together, initially focusing on building our relationship and understanding your problems from your perspective. The treatment plan we develop will depend on the challenges you are facing as well as your therapy goals, time and budget. Depression and anxiety, for example, can be debilitating disorders driven by biological or situational factors, and it can be hard to fight back on your own. No single approach works for everyone, and knowing how you have tried to overcome your challenges in the past will help us develop a more effective treatment strategy. I am humbled when a client is willing to share his or her personal story with me and feels safe enough to explore unwanted thoughts or negative feelings toward themselves and others. I provide compassionate support and professional expertise to help you reduce your struggles, learn new coping skills and realize your full potential.

My private office is located in downtown Calgary, connected by the Plus 15 walkways for easy and discrete access before or during work. It is a warm, bright and inviting space where you can feel safe and comfortable, and where you can find available parking and complementary water, tea and coffee. I also offer Skype sessions for clients from other areas of Alberta who cannot make it to Calgary.

If you are ready to begin working toward your therapy goals, or if you have questions about counselling with InnerPath Psychology, I invite you to contact me at 403-510-8914 to schedule a complementary 30-minute telephone consultation.