Check here for frequently asked questions.


How do I know if you are the right psychologist for me?

Determining if I am the right psychologist for you will involve a number of factors. In my opinion the most important factor, the client therapist relationship.  As a result, I often recommend that clients speak with me first to determine fit. I encourage you to ask a few questions about my availability, fee and experience in addressing your concern and whatever else is important to you to make this decision.  To do this, I offer a free 30min telephone consultation prior to booking an appointment. During this consultation I will ask briefly what your concern is, to make sure it is something I can address, and then we can discuss your questions.

How long will counselling take?

The duration of counselling is different for each client. It will depend on your motivation, your goals of therapy and the complexity of the problem. A treatment plan will be discussed after the first 1-2 sessions, depending on how much time is needed to learn about you.

What is the cost for psychological services?

The cost for psychological services is $200.00 per 50min session due at the time of service. I accept cash (exact change), Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Currently I do not accept debit.

What are the differences between a psychiatrist, and a psychologist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has specialized in mental health.  In Canada most psychiatrists diagnosis and prescribe medication. A psychologist is specifically educated in how people think, feel and behave. In Alberta a Registered Psychologist has a minimum of a master’s degree, specialized training in their area of practice, as well as 1600 supervised practice hours, and completion of exams related to ethics and competency prior to obtaining their provincial license.

Can I get coverage for psychologist fees?

Alberta Health Care does not cover counselling services. Most extended Health Insurance plans, such as those carried by several employers, provide at least partial coverage for psychologist fees. Since coverage varies among insurers, I encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to your appointment. Clients with Alberta Blue Cross and ASEBP plans can direct bill from my office.   Psychological services are tax-deductible medical expenses so hold on to your receipts.

Do I need a referral from a physician?

No, however check with your insurance company as they might require one. On occasion I have heard of this requirement from insurance companies.