About Me

At 10 years old, I faced my first major transition when my family moved from Scotland to Canada. I can remember my curiosity but also how hard it was to adjust, how the cultural subtleties affected me. I had no
idea if I could succeed in my new setting. But, the experience taught me compassion, perseverance and determination, and since then I have been able to experience and achieve more than I could have imagined. I was an incredible shy child, but I had a desire to do something great with my life – I knew I wanted to help people. And so, I became the first member of my family to obtain a university education.

I graduated with a degree in business administration and trained in business coaching, working to support entrepreneurs and other professionals as they started and marketed their own small businesses. As I helped these individuals manage career challenges and find a healthy work-life balance, I realized how passionate I was about coaching my clients through personal issues and to realize their potential. What I noticed was that it was often internal challenges, such as self-doubt, negative beliefs, worries and fears that kept my clients from reaching their goals, not a lack of money or a good business idea.

Finding My Direction

calgary-alberta-psychologistIn 2003 I decided to change careers and pursue my licensure as a psychologist. Since then, I have spent a number of years working in School Based Mental Health, Community Mental Health and the Calgary Health Region, more recently collaborating with physicians as an in-office behavioral health consultant. My therapy approach has been shaped by the opportunity to work with physicians, psychiatrists, other professionals, and most important, the clients I have had the pleasure in working with. I offer compassionate, non-judgmental, collaborative counselling tailored to each client’s unique situation and needs. In my years as a business coach and psychologist, I have seen that there are many different ways to achieve goals, but the most effective approaches are those we develop together. 

At InnerPath Psychology, I offer treatment for adults experiencing anxiety, depression, panic or grief. Many clients come to me looking for ways to manage painful, overwhelming or distressing symptoms that are impacting their personal life, relationships or career. Others wish to understand the root of their problem and escape the harmful cycle of negative thoughts, emotions and behavior that has them feeling lost or trapped in their lives. Whatever difficulties you are facing, I can offer you guidance and support as you develop meaningful and lasting solutions. You can feel comfortable as you address past issues, and feel empowered as you learn new skills and strategies to cope with challenges in your life.

Finding A Work-Life Balance

We all go through difficult periods in our lives, and finding an appropriate and healthy work-life balance can give you the time, energy and perspective you need to manage and eventually overcome challenges. This is no different for me: over three years ago I started a part-time private practice and in 2015 moved into full-time practice with the same goal to find healthy work-life balance. When I am not helping clients at my office, I take great pleasure in being outdoors and surrounded by nature. I love to travel, explore and experience new cultures. You may even notice some of my travel photos in my office. Also, I’m always trying to improve my knowledge and skills, whether I’m completing additional therapy training or reading about Scottish culture and history.

My office is located in the heart of downtown Calgary, accessible through the Plus 15. If you are ready to start feeling better and find more control in your life, I invite you to contact me at 403-510-8914 to schedule a complementary 30-minute telephone consultation.

Paula Winstanley earned her Masters of Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and her Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Prince Edward Island. She has completed advanced training in EMDR Therapy as well as other evidenced based treatment approaches, such as Relaxation Training, Behavioural Activation, Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).